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The Observer Chronicles
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The Quest for the Book of Thoth

The Quest for The Book of Thoth is the first story in The Observer Chronicles series, introducing us to the mysterious character known only as "The Traveller". Our story begins in the city of Boston, where "The Observer" stumbles across a leather-bound notebook while taking photographs of Old Trinity Church in Copley Square.

Follow "The Observer" as he finds himself pulled into the world of "The Traveller", a mysterious stranger and an odd group of intellectuals that only seem interested in playing cards, despite having the reputation as an avid group of "Truth Seekers".

The Quest for The Book of Thoth provides a detailed account of the dialogs between "The Traveller" and "The Truth Seekers" as they delve deeper and deeper into the history of the tarot, its mystic philosophy, and possible connections to modern playing cards.

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